Virtual exhibitions ??

I had two exhibitions in December. Both were VIRTUAL. 

The first was was scheduled to be at the Burnett Gallery in Amherst’s Jones Library. Under pandemic circumstances it became a virtual show of my assemblages. The Burnett was where I had a 2-person show, “Act II, Scene I”, back in 2006 when I recommitted myself to art. It is a lovely space where my works showed well. Regrettably, a virtual exhibition can’t compare, especially when it come to sculpture that has 3-dimensional qualities. 

The second was a show at Gateway City Arts in Holyoke, Massachusetts. It was the Third Annual Small Works Exhibit, a virtual show with video opening statements by many of the artists represented. The works had to be small with modest prices. Mine was a “Tapa Assemblage”. I found Gateway City Arts to be a vibrant venue in a city on the mend with great natural and cultural possibilities. 

I am not a fan of virtual exhibitions – not yet. For sculpture, video offers a means of seeing a whole work. Photos are insufficient. Whatever there was to be seen at these two virtual exhibitions can also be seen here at my website. And lots more. Take a look around.