It’s a NEW YEAR!

We have spent a couple of months repositioning our lives from Maine back to Amherst, Massachusetts . We are still not wholly settled in, but we are sorting things out, making them fit, or trying to decide what must go. Much of my work has been brought to Amherst, but some remains in our Maine house where out son’s family now dwells. We will be visiting in summertime. 

As we have reorganized our lives, we have had the presence and distraction of the pandemic, an election, a Georgia election and the waning days of Mr. Trump as president. And we have just seen the attempted coup and “coup de grace” of Trump himself. I have to refocus. 

Better days are coming. Daylight will be getting longer. The temperature will rise into spring and summer. I will be getting back to work. 

Happy New Year. 

Art in Maine goes virtual

If you took all the artists on the Maine coast and inland and put them in one place, you would have a hotspot of art second to none. But here we are spread out without a centering geographical focus. Much of the art is in traditional categories which my husband categorizes as lobster boats and lighthouse, field and stream, and house and garden. But that would not be fair to the scores of artists who have cutting edge ideas, creativity, talent and exquisite skills.

That is why I was sad to see the Stable Gallery in Damariscotta closed for the season. It is a gallery that exhibits forty artists of all kinds – painters, potters, sculptors, weavers, fabric art, metal work, furniture makers during the summer and shoulder seasons. For about a decade, I exhibited my assemblages there as one of many featured artists. I hope that this is just a pandemic break and that the Stable Gallery will reopen in 2021 and show an eclectic variety of quality work that is rarely seen in one place along the Maine coast. Take a look at the Stable’s stable of artists.

Going to Maine

In just a week I will be relocating to our house in Damariscotta for the summer and fall.

This year things will be different. As of now, we will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days. It makes sense because we will be coming from Massachusetts which is currently a hot spot, but Amherst where we live is in one of the least affected counties in the state. It’s suggested that we have fourteen days of food. Well, we have rice and dried beans for backup. I wonder what lobster prices will be like this year?

The usual venues for exhibiting art are questionable at this time. Governor Mills is relaxing the rules in all but two counties in southern Maine. I’ll see what unfolds.

Much of my work remains in Massachusetts where I have had my most recent shows. If you would like to see any of the pieces that are shown on my website, let me know and I will make sure to have them in Maine.

Be well, everyone!